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Also in Thurgau no birds fell from the sky dead because of 5G

Starlings sit on a wire. (symbol photo: Сергей Шабанов / Pixabay)

On August 7, Correctiv took up an old story, which we are pleased to summarize because of its relevance for the development of a modern IT infrastructure in Switzerland:

“No, birds in Thurgau didn’t fall out of the sky dead because of 5G”

In a blog article it was suggested that 120 starlings in the Swiss canton of Thurgau fell out of the sky dead because of 5G radiation. The responsible ornithological station assumes a different cause of death.

Although 5G has been widely available in the Swiss canton of Thurgau for over half a year, the total radiation exposure – i.e. the effect of radiation on living organisms – in the region does not change as a result, according to the responsible environmental office.

Correctiv has inquired about the cause of death at the responsible ornithological station Sempach and the Centre for Fish and Wildlife Medicine at the University of Bern, where some of the dead birds were examined. It turned out that 5G is not responsible for the death of the birds.

Livio Rey, spokesman for the Sempach Ornithological Institute, said by e-mail that head trauma and lung bleeding were “typical injuries in the event of a collision”, for example with a building or vehicle. “The most plausible explanation in this case is therefore a collision with a vehicle such as a truck,” says Rey.

By the way, if 5G emissions had an impact on birds, other bird species would also have to be affected.

Click here for the full-length article (in German).

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