Who is manipulating whom?


“Do you feel manipulated?” – this question is asked in a Facebook picture on which three weather maps are displayed one above the other. The alleged manipulation lies in the coloring used in combination with the temperatures: While the 2009 map shows the colors green and yellow at 36 degrees Celsius, it seems that the color red is used at the same temperature in 2019. And on the lower picture even the color black.

(Quelle: Correctiv)

“Normal summer temperatures” would now be displayed blood-red to black on weather maps in order to “manipulate” the viewers, according to Facebook. The stupid thing is that the maps shown show different representations of the weather. They cannot be compared with each other.

So the question should rather be “Who is manipulating whom here? It cannot be repeated often enough: especially with such controversial topics as climate protection, which also involves business worth billions, there is no way around a fact check.

The question of who might have an interest in disseminating certain information should not lead one to believe speculation about possible answers, but it can help to research in the right direction and find the right answers.

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