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More data does not mean more radiation


A few days ago, the writer stumbled across an article that deals with the question whether 5G brings more radiation because this new standard can transmit more data in the same time. The physicist immediately knew the answer (no), but it became clear in conversations in the environment that this is not the case.

In mobile telephony, data is transmitted by adding additional wave crests and troughs to the normal waves, so to speak, which then represent or encode the signals. They are then decoded on reception. This is called modulation.

5G is faster and can process more data simply because the software used for encoding and decoding is faster than 4G, which is faster than 3G, etc. In principle, 5G is just a software upgrade.

So why do we need new antennas? – As with a PC, more powerful software can accommodate more applications. But this requires new hardware.

It would be a pity if, because of such misunderstandings, such a useful infrastructure renewal were to continue to be delayed unnecessarily – useful thanks to new applications that help save pesticides and energy, among other things.

Click here for the article (German only) mentioned above. (Yes, it comes from Swisscom, a company that wants to push the 5G roll-out, but that doesn’t mean it is wrong… You can check the statements against many other independent sources. Of course, the author has done that.)

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