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Age structure cannot explain high COVID-19 death rates


The Tages-Anzeiger reports today that Federal Councillor Guy Parmelin said Switzerland has one of the oldest populations in the world. That could explain the deaths.

Image-Source: SWR fact checking page

But it can’t be, because the proportion of over-65s in the total population is lower in Switzerland than in all neighbouring countries. “In Switzerland, statistically speaking, there are 18.5 people over 65 for every 100 people. In Austria, the figure is 18.8; in Germany, even 21.1. These countries thus have more inhabitants in the particularly vulnerable age groups. Nevertheless, measured against the total population, they have fewer corona deaths than Switzerland.” The age structure is therefore no longer an explanation for particularly high death rates such as in Switzerland.

Much more likely as a cause for the enormously high death rate is the pandemic management of the federal government and the cantons.

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  1. Das nicht die hohen zahlen zeigen aber auch dass die massnahmen nicht funktionieren was bei der willkür der massnahmen nicht verwundert.woher soll denn das virus wissen ob es in der food oder non food abteilung ist.

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