Anti-5Gers: Campaigns of Conspiracy


Swiss and international anti-5G groups have attempted to spread a wide range of conspiracies, misinformation, and fear tactics. One of the major pieces of misinformation they spread is that when 5G technology is implemented worldwide we will all be exposed to non-ionizing radiation (NIR) at a greater, and unsafe, level. They claim that 5G NIR can cause everything from cancer to headaches. The scariest part about these initiatives is that they manipulate the truth into mal-information. Additionally, their sober and informative tone often makes the fake news they create sound legitimate. 

NIR is radiation that does not have enough energy to remove electrons from atoms and molecules. It has both natural sources like the sun and manmade sources such as radiofrequency waves used by the 5G network as well as microwaves. It can heat things up and can even heat human tissue, but only at levels far higher than what we come into contact with on a daily basis. 

Anti-5Gers are confusing NIR with ionizing radiation, which is found in x-rays and gamma rays. While this type of radiation does have negative effects on human health, like cancer, it has no relation to 5G. 

Anti-5Gers claim that the Swiss population needs to decrease their exposure to non-ionizing radiation by demanding 5G is not implemented. However, AFP, a French fact checking website, states that there is no evidence to date that radio-frequency waves cause noticeable health effects. The higher-frequency radio waves that 5G uses to allow faster data speeds have also been deemed safe.

They claim a ‘study’ has documented that at least 8% of the Swiss population is electrosensitive. Radiofrequency waves are a type of electro-magnetic wave. These people claim that electro-magnetic fields, also known as electrosmog, cause them to get an array of symptoms including headaches, reddened skin and depression. The World Health Organization states that there is no scientific evidence linking electro-hypersensitivity to electromagnetic waves. The symptoms people have claimed to experience vary too widely to even identify a specific set of them. 

Additionally, studies showed that people with electro-hypersensitivity did not identify electro-magnetic frequency any better than those without electro-hypersensitivity. In these studies, people were exposed to electro-magnetic fields that were randomly switched on and off. The electro-hypersensitive study participants were asked to indicate when they could feel the radiation and when they couldn’t feel it. There wasn’t a correlation between the fields being switched on and the participants exhibiting symptoms. There must be a different reason for their illness.–electromagnetic-hypersensitivity

They also allege that 5G is affecting animals and plants; they state that birds are dying, cows are producing less milk and household pets are being exposed. Birds were not killed by radiofrequency waves when the Netherlands tested out 5G. John Kuhles, who runs multiple conspiracy sites, started this rumor. This story was fact checked by Reuters, they found that there was not any 5G testing in the area where the birds were killed. Additionally, 5G has not been shown to kill birds in any of the places where it has been implemented.

Secondly, cows are not producing less milk due to 5G. In fact, the new technology that 5G will make possible can actually increase milk production. For example, a British study is attempting to automate the milking process. The cows wear 5G connected devices that are linked to a robotic milking system. The cows can actually choose when they want to be milked using this new technology. Also, cows were given health monitoring ear sensors, so the 5G device is helping cows stay in good condition.,walks%20toward%20an%20automatic%20gate.

The fact is anti-5G groups are spreading misinformation and fake news on purpose. Oftentimes, they do not adequately site their sources, they use scientifically inaccurate studies, or they do not do the proper research before posting conspiracy theories. Instead of registering for an anti-5G initiative or making a donation, do your research and you will find that they are trying to scare you into supporting their causes. 

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