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Hundreds Of Scientists Have Been Working On mRNA Vaccines For Decades


Ever since the development and market of the currently available Covid vaccines, mRNA has continuously been labelled as “new technology”, “medical experiment” or even “evil plan”. One of the main reasons why a part of the population remains unvaccinated in this time of crisis is simply ignorance: a big portion of people have internalized – mostly from the Internet – that mRNA vaccines were unsure and dangerous. Even more alarming is the fact that Robert Malone, one of the pioneers of mRNA technology, has sided with the opponents and has been warning the Internet of its “dangers”.

A recent detailed article written by science journalist Elie Dolgin and published in the international journal Nature outlines the history of the mRNA technology and its journey to become what we know today as one of the main protagonists of the Covid crisis. It also highlights the complexity of its creation, as many people were involved in its development and not always given the credits or recognition they wanted for the research they had participated in.

Here is a graphic from the article that represents best the evolution of mRNA:

Looking back, many say they’re just delighted that mRNA vaccines are making a difference to humanity, and that they might have made a valuable contribution along the road. “It’s thrilling for me to see this,” says Felgner*. “All of the things that we were thinking would happen back then — it’s happening now.

*Biochemist Philip Felgner

Next time someone tells you mRNA is brand new, you might want to show them Nature’s article and proove that many scientists and chemists worked on this project for many years. The point of an experiment is to obtain results, and even though mRNA has been discussed and disapproved by some through history, it now is considered the best way to fight against the ongoing pandemic that we are facing.

Read the full article here.

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