Campaigning for facts

Campaigns for facts

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The Lucrative World of Disinformation and Online Influencers

Swiss Economy

Disinformation: A Serious Threat to the Swiss Economy

Disinformation poses a significant threat to the Swiss economy and society at large. The Covid-19 pandemic has increased public awareness of the dangers of false information, leading to a greater demand for reliable journalism. While social media and alternative sources are seen as primary conduits for disinformation, professional media outlets have maintained a better reputation. Recognizing the critical role of quality journalism and implementing strategies to combat disinformation is crucial for safeguarding the economy and fostering societal resilience against this growing threat.
Putin's victory day speech

Putin’s Victory Day Speech: 14 Hard Manipulation Techniques Exposed

Putin’s recent Victory Day speech showcased his mastery of manipulation techniques, employing the strategy of speaking loudly and carrying a little stick to propagate disinformation. This tactic creates an illusion of strength and power while shaping public opinion and reinforcing desired narratives. Read along to discover these manipulation techniques.

Learn the “If It Didn’t Happen, Just Fake It”, the Kremlin Way!

In the relentless pursuit of deflecting blame for its aggression against Ukraine, the Kremlin’s propagandists have employed a manipulative tactic: if it didn’t happen, just fake it. This deceptive strategy was evident in their recent attempts to shift responsibility onto the US, NATO, and other entities.