Campaigning for information literacy

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Corporate Support for Truth is a guiding force in the battle against disinformation and fake news through Media and Information Literacy. Our commitment is to shed light on the power of facts and the diverse strategies employed by professional fake news campaigners. In collaboration with, we publish weekly articles, focusing on the theme of Information Literacy. proudly bears the endorsement of Mr. Campaigning AG.

The impact of fake news extends beyond individuals, affecting businesses of all sizes. We invite corporate entities to join us in safeguarding our economies by extending your valuable support. Regardless of size, every company can play a pivotal role in advancing our cause.

Why Support?

Small businesses often grapple with allocating budgetary resources for social responsibility and charitable endeavors. Your support provides an avenue for small businesses to actively engage in the fight against disinformation while generating positive PR, enhancing brand awareness, and showcasing social responsibility.

Benefits of Your Support:

  • Positive PR/Perception: Elevate your company’s image as a champion in the fight against disinformation, aligning with a cause that matters.
  • Visibility: Gain prominence on our website, social media, and newsletter, amplifying your company’s visibility among a diverse audience.
  • Education: Access exclusive resources and events to stay well-informed about disinformation, empowering your company with valuable insights.

Unlock the Power of Your Support!

Please reach out to us to explore the myriad ways your support can make a difference. Let’s forge a partnership that not only combats disinformation but also propels your company into a positive spotlight.

Together, we can be the catalyst for truth in a world hungry for reliable information. Your support fuels not only our mission but also enhances your brand’s impact.