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Fake Profile Detector Extension

Fake profiles are all over social networks from Linkedin to Twitter, Facebook, dating sites, etc. Thanks to the browser extension “Fake Profile Detector“, you can now identify fakes in a very simple and easy way!

Fake Profile Detector is an extension for Google Chrome and thus for all Chromium-based web browsers including Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge that allows you to detect whether a person online is real or just a fake profile and identity on the net.

The Fake Profile Detector extension was designed by V7Labs, a company that relies on facial recognition and artificial intelligence to determine whether a person online is real or a bot that crawls the internet under fake profiles to collect data or perform automated tasks on the net.

This extension is very useful for you if you use dating sites and also social networks such as Linkedin where fake profiles “Bots” are used to animate the audience and attract more users or simply to scam or usurp average Internet users or public figures. One good example to read: Only 50 or so profiles out of 7,000 Binance employees on LinkedIn are real.

The extension also detects faces and photos (deepfakes) generated by AI sites such as on the other hand, the “Fake Profile Detector” extension doesn’t detect deepfake videos for now. To detect deepfake videos, please refer to our previous post: Video Manipulation.

How does the Fake Profile Detector browser extension work?

  1. Visit the extension page here
  2. Activate it and allow notifications
  3. Go to the profile page you doubt and right-click on their picture
  4. Then you just have to click on “Check Fake Profile Picture” in the contextual menu of the mouse that opens
  5. The results of the analysis will be displayed in the lower-left corner of your web browse

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