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Your Guide to Fact-checking Tools and Techniques

Are you tired of seeing disinformation everywhere? Never know who or what to trust? Can’t figure out if what you’ve heard is true? Feel Duped? Then you are in the right place!

Below is an index of our fact-checking tips that will help you gradually spot disinformation and manipulation techniques so you can stop being fooled:

How Social Media Affects Your Mental Health
Test Your Critical Thinking Skills with Mastering the Art of Critical Thinking and Identifying Fallacies Workshop Quiz
10 Simple Habits to Improve Your Critical Thinking

Fact-checking Infographic Guide
6 Key Questions to Find Out if Your Belief is True
How to Spot and Handle a Troll?
How to Protect Your Online Data and Avoid Targeted Misinformation Campaigns
How to Deal With the Curse of Knowledge
How to Deal With the False Consensus Bias
How Skepticism Can Protect You From Being Fooled
Finding Reliable Scientific Information
Fake Profile Detecter Extension
Four Reasons Why Anecdotes Aren’t Good Evidence
How to Develop Your Critical Thinking to Fight Climate Misinformation
Protect Yourself from Scammers: Identifying and Avoiding Common Tricks
10 Red Flags You Are About to Be Scammed

Facts Do Not Always Make People Change Their Minds
Why Debunking a Misinformation Can Make People Believe It
Empathy is a More Potent Weapon Than Facts When Combatting Fake News
Personalizing Interfaces Based on Individual Differences Can Positively Alter User Experience
How to Deal With Disinformation and Delay Arguments in the Climate Crisis
Communicating Climate Change: Strategies for Connecting with Diverse Audiences

Pause. Take Care Before You Share

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Safeguarding against disinformation:

Combatting disinformation, scams, and manipulation requires prioritizing Information and Media Literacy. Educate yourself and others about disinformation strategies, cultivate discernment, and question motivations to make informed choices. In addition, supporting independent journalism, fact-checking organizations, and reliable sources of information plays a crucial role in combating the spread of misinformation.

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