Campaigning for information literacy

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Campaigning for information literacy

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Manipulation Techniques

How Disinformation Shapes Our World!
Manipulation Techniques

How Disinformation Shapes Our World?!

By untangling the subtleties of disinformation, manipulation techniques, and tactics, while revealing the strategies that shape our perception of reality, you’ll be able to acquire knowledge, develop critical thinking skills, and help build a resilient society capable of distinguishing truth
Climate Change

#ClimateScam: The Hashtag Threatening Truth and Action

As the world gears up for COP28 in Dubai, an alarming revelation comes to light—there’s not just a climate crisis; there’s an accompanying information crisis. The Climate Action Against Disinformation (CAAD) coalition’s recent report exposes a resurgence in climate change
Personal Attack
Manipulation Techniques

Personal Attacks as a Disinformation Tool

In the sphere of disinformation, personal attacks emerge as a powerful and insidious tool. These orchestrated attacks strategically target crucial elements of democracy, including election processes, climate change discussions, and public health narratives. The malevolent intent extends beyond spreading false
Manipulation Techniques

The Narrative

A narrative is an overarching message, communicated through text, images, metaphors and other means. For example, repeatedly portraying individual politicians as crooks will eventually establish a narrative that politicians, in general, are corrupt and deceitful. The narrative is a technique