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Manipulative Marketing Techniques: Neuromarketing

The two most common ways to influence people’s behaviorand decision making are either by manipulating them against their will, or by painting a complete picture for them to choose from. Understanding the neuromarketing concept can undoubtedly help you with the second.

Neuromarketing concept, also known as consumer neuroscience, involves using specific phrases, strategies, and behaviors to play on that system and subtly shape how prospects feel about an offering. More

Indeed, the neuromarketing concept rests on the premise of quickly building meaningful relationships with prospects to sway them into buying. It leans on using specific words and actions to develop emotional connections with potential customers.

Coca-Cola and Red Bull leverage neuromarketing to get billions of people to buy their drinks without knowing why they have picked them. Also while everyone knows that the two drinks are really unhealthy and over-sugared, not to mention that most people don’t like the taste of Red Bull at all, they still buy them.

How do these two companies do it?

Well, they get you into certain emotions and then briefly show their drink or logo. Since emotions last longer than imagesa subconscious connection is made. When most people then stand in front of the drink shelf, they subconsciously decide on the drink because the subconscious wants this emotion.


Traditionally, marketers are concerned with more than simply measuring consumer preferences; they also try to change them. If marketers can get their target audience to think and feel differently about their products/services, they can change their reality. It makes sense, doesn’t it? For that matter, we can then call this technique a manipulation against someone’s will. in effect neuromarketing can sometimes make others sick, addicted, and dependent.

However, this kind of manipulation technique is not always negative. If it could be used by companies that bring real benefits to mankind to change consumer behavior towards more efficient and healthy living. In the current context of climate change, for example, changing consumer behavior into more climate-friendly products and habits could achieve a great change in the world.

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